A great start in the year thanks to Parker

par Gilles Besse News

For a good many years now, “The Wine Advocate” has reigned as the most widely consulted guide to quality wines.

When I travel abroad to present our wines, I hear over and over again: your wine is outstanding, but has it been rated by Parker? The fact is, all personal objections and opinions aside, Parker’s ratings are the key to recognition and sales on the international market.

At the request of Stephan Reinhardt, we had the opportunity to present him a good number of our wines. What a wonderful surprise to find 17 of these 19 wines rated at 90 points or more. And to put the icing on the cake, our Cayas 1999, 17 years old, received 94 points, as did the vintages of 2005 and 2013.

Magnificent recognition for a Swiss red wine. We are truly very proud and delighted, as our ambition has always been to produce great wines for aging.

These ratings strengthen our resolve to continue in the pursuit of the highest quality, to seek the best expression of our terroir and our exceptional varieties, all purely for your pleasure.


The Estate wines that have received 90 points or more:​

1999      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 94 points
2005      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 94 points
2013      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 94 points
2001      Mitis, Amigne de Vétroz - 93 points
2009      Cornalin de Champmarais - 92 points
2003      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 92 points
2006      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 92 points
2014      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 92 points
2013      Mitis, Amigne de Vétroz - 91+ points
2013      Lapon, Pinot Noir de Venthône - 91+ points
2006      Cornalin de Champmarais - 91 points
2009      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 91 points
2011      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 91 points
2010      Cayas, Syrah Réserve - 90+ points
2011      Cornalin Réserve - 90 points                                         
2014      Heida Clos de la Couta, Vex - 90 points
2011      Cornalin de Champmarais - 90 points