Cayas Superstar

par The Domain News

What a success for our Syrah Cayas this fall! Paolo Basso the best world sommelier 2013 gave us 96/100 points in a tasting for Matin Dimanche and the Sonntagszeitung meaning we ranked first. We also ranked first ranking in the magazine Vinum, in a comparative test of Syrahs from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. And more medals in national and international competitions.

In 1991, when we decided to produce a great Syrah, we had never imagined such a success. Due to our passion for this Rhone varietal and our terroir that can sublimate Valais climate, we took the risk to plant this variety and let the wine mature in a barrel for 2 years before putting it on sales. We believe that all Swiss wine lovers are proud of their wines and the more wine growers produce great wines, the more Switzerland will enjoy international recognition.

We drink to your good health,

Gilles Besse and Jean-René Germanier