The Winemaker's Almanac - Johannisberg Chamoson Grand Cru - Etoile du Valais

par Gilles Besse News

After 30 years, the Johannisberg returns to our selection of wines with the highest honor of our appellation: Étoile du Valais.

The earliest mention of Johannisberg in Valais is from 1862, as a designation for Riesling. The name doubtless derives from Schloss Johannisberg in the Rheingau region, oldest producer of Riesling in the world. The “Blanc du Rhin” appears at about the same time to designate Sylvaner.
Beginning in 1928, however, the use of the terms is inverted such that the two white wines exchange identities. The experts take offense, but find themselves constrained to bow to the majority. From this time onwards, the name Johannisberg is applied exclusively to Silvaner (le Rhin). It becomes for Chamoson what the Amigne is to Vétroz, the viticultural emblem of the municipality.
Our Johannisberg de Chamoson 2016 comes from vineyards classified as Grand Cru in the locality of Rougin. The 2500 bottles we produce are vinified in tanks on the lees for a period of 10 months.

Tasting Notes :

This first vintage is a real charmer. The wine is just as it should be, expressive and complex. The first whiff greets you with the mineral expression of its rocky terroir. There follow notes of quince and beeswax punctuated by nuances of chalk. The palette is classic in expression, harmonious with a striking vivacity that lends it a straightforward precision. Fine aromas of bitter almond emerge. The long and amply generous finish retains a note of freshness that affords just the right balance. This Johannisberg is marked by the terroir, the passion of the winegrower for his work, and the work of a team in the course of its first vintage. It will age with elegance in coming years, gaining in complexity and charm through its palette of aromas.