When you are 2, you are 10 times stronger

par le Domaine News

Cayas and Mitis are wines that are so well-known, that one might be forgiven for forgetting the name of their creators.

Jean-René Germanier and Gilles Besse have been working together for around twenty years, managing the family company that they have fashioned in their unique style. “We always work as a pair, Jean-René brings a certain entrepreneurial spirit and vision, while I bring more creative, artistic input,” explains Gilles Besse. “If one of of us has an idea, he has to convince the other rather than simply imposing his vision, and that means we have to really dig deep.” Their most recent challenges have included the enormous task of rehabilitating quasi- abandoned mountain vineyards, organic- ally farming 14 hectares of hillside vines, and vinifying individual parcels of Fendant to highlight the different terroirs. They truly are a super-creative duo! 


Source: Vinea, les visages du vin suisse